Pandora Chapter 1 WIP

pandora webseries

 Initially Pandora web series was going to be a fully animated series. I began the process and started a crowdfunding campaign with Patreon. Definitely a harsh learning moment for me. I did not have much of a following on social media. Like most artist I want the majority of my time spent creating art. So I didn't do much marketing on the major social platforms. My campaign failed and I was left to handle all aspects of creating an animation myself AND deliver the completed project in a reasonable timeframe. It was harder than I could imagine but I finished it. Lot's of things I wanted to handle differently but time was not on my side. So the prologue to the animated series was completed and you can see the final videos here:

Part 1

  This would have been a good time to "abandon ship" but Pandora is a personal project I have been working on for years now. So, I quickly realized I need to handle telling this story with more efficiency for the sake of time and my own sanity. So I created the introduction to Chapter 1 of the Pandora web series in the form of a animatic (motion comic). I created a crowdfunding campaign again. This time I used GoFundme as the main source for funding. I used Patreon as an alternative method for those who want to give more of a "tip" if they liked the work. This time I did better but not as well as I wanted.  Once again without having enough funding to hire a team I needed to handle all aspects of the Introduction. It worked out but the end product was rushed. You can see the introduction here:


  Once again this would be a great time to abandon ship, but the drive to get this story told is stronger than any ideas of ending it. Now I really took my time and tested different methods to create the a full animated episode. Animation takes a great deal of time and dedication. This won't change. However, I found a happy alternative that will still lead to animated episodes, later on.  I have decided to create a digital comic book for chapter 1, which will be available on Comixology. The creation of the comic will follow the same pipeline as creating an animation. I am creating 3D models and assets and this will give he comic book a cinematic feel. In fact, many large animation companies will create rough comics for shots in what we call "story and mood boards". I will be launching Go Fund Me campaign to get chapter 2 and 3 fully animated. However, if I fall short of my financial goal, I will create the next chapters as cinematic comic. Either way the story will be put out for all to view. Not to mention, the needed items for animating episodes will be produced as I go. So, I'm excited about this change and plan to get Pandora story out there.  Right now I'm very busy following this new plan. For updates on this campaign and to help get Pandora created, check back daily for more information or follow me twitter or instagram