Funding Pandora

 Pandora is definitely a personal project, at this point, that I want to take from part time to full time. I have attempted to tackle the crowdfunding possibility in the past with very low results. This is unfortunate but a reality for myself and many other creators out there. Figuring out the marketing to get more potential supporters takes a good deal of time to handle. This is time I would much rather be creating the project I want supported. It's become tricky to find the balance between marketing and creating, to say the least.

 This time around I am going with multiple avenues to help support Pandora. I got this idea after researching programs outside of online crowdfunding. One big factor I noticed was products, causes and events didn't just have one source where people can fund... they had multiple avenues for people to give money for their products and projects. So, I am offering two major ways for someone to support Pandora. I find these to be the best crowdfunding sites for my needs.

First, for those who are interested in giving a one time donation of ten dollars or more I have my Gofundme page available. There you can also get rewards for donations. This is very similar to Kickstarter but Gofundme does not require all or nothing goals.

 Check out my Gofundme page here:


The alternative is becoming my Patron on Patreon. Here the donations are more of a "tip" for appreciation and support of my work on Pandora. As a patron you can donate a dollar or more towards Pandora project. Also, by default an amount can be set for recurring monthly donations.  A big thank you and ability to message me are the main rewards for donating on Patreon.

 You can become my Patron on Patreon here:


My hope is to gain enough funding to improve this project. Ultimately, bringing Pandora into a full time project investment.