Gunslinger WIP 4

General / 29 June 2018

 I had some real issues with getting the haircards right in UE4. I  am at a decent place I can stop tweaking them for now. I want to get the rest of the character in and then go into final refinements. I checked out UE4 forums and articles about haircards and I found the same difficulties. A few UE veterans seem to be able to get deep in the node behaviors and come up with some nice hair. I'm not interested in investing that much time in UE4 nodes and blueprint at this point.  Here is my current look (rendered in UE4):

 Now from one thing to another. I'm back in Zbrush. I have some clothes I made in Marvelous Designer for my character. Marvelous Designer is a very good tool but I'm not quite sure if I want to invest yet. I know I will eventually, but it takes a good deal of time to learn and integrate (as most software).  Tweaking the clothes imported from Marvelous Designer also takes a little time to do. Most tutorials I have found have the same process. Tweak the mesh a bit - Zremesh it - Tweak some more until it looks right - Then retop. If you know of a less manual way to get the job done, leave the tips in the comment section (thank you in advance!). I didn't get to far on the clothes in Zbrush. I think I'll side step and try to fix the clothes in Maya and import that to Zbrush. I'll let you know how it goes:

Gunslinger WIP 3

Work In Progress / 23 June 2018

 I took some time off of this personal project to handle actually paying projects and a contest. Coming back into it I am able to really see what I need to fix on the low poly model to get the bust to look like the original highpoly bust. I have to say there is a lot of learning going on now as I navigate through UE4. Here's where I'm at. Not happy with the current lowpoly look. I'll need to fix this before moving on: