Mark of Kri Rau

Ty ferrell wip15a

Headshot rendered in Marmoset Toolbag

Ty ferrell wip15b
Ty ferrell finalrau1

Final Render

Ty ferrell finalturnaround1


Ty ferrell rau hair

Rau game hair rendered in UE4

Ty ferrell topology1

8K bust of Rau in Marmoset

Ty ferrell toplogy2

Rau topology WIP still

Ty ferrell maps

Maps used for clothing and main body

Ty ferrell markofkri rau

Rau Battle Charge Illustration from highpoly sculpt

Ty ferrell markofkri rau05
Ty ferrell markofkri rau04
Ty ferrell wip11

Highpoly Sculpt for Rau

Fan artwork of Rau from Mark of Kri based off of the concept artwork and sketches by the talented Jeff Merghart. One of my favorite games of all time.